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Mike Kimbro KD5TLM came out tonight at 7:00pm to make a program presentation about mapping possibilites. Mike did a program on Global Mapper and a few other alternatives including ARC Explorer. Mike detailed the benefits and the drawbacks of each one.

Mike also loaded some of the various maps available including aerial photos and showed some of the things that could be done with Global Mapper. Mike described Global Mapper as a fun program but was quick to point to the uses in Ham radio also.

The program is available in a free format but if your internet speed is slow, then you will take a long time to download the 298 MB program listing. In my case, I would probably have my son get the program and cook it onto a CD for me. Alas, the pitfalls of a dial up connection. Look for Global Mapper at or just use your search engine on Global Mapper.

With an audience of 25 people attending the Tech Meeting, Mike did a very good job with this presentation. Thank You MIke.

Richard KA5ALO