The meeting was held at Nacoma Park Baptist Church, Nacome Park at 7 p.m.

  • The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We had twelve members present and one visitor: Jim Glover, WB5UDE.
  • A quorum was met.


  • Sick report: This has been done by e-mail.   
  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  • The treasurer's reportS for January 19 and February 16 was accepted.
  • The CORA report was given by CORA President Chuck Kanach. Details can be found on the CORA web site He suggested that we should help get the word out about Ham Holiday and reminded us that pre-registration ticket are still only $7.
  • Technical report:
    Ron Earnest commented on Jim Glover's tech meeting presentation on Near Vertical Incidence Antennas (NVIS), confirming that it was very interesting and appreciated by all members attending.
    He also said the repeater is working well.

    The next technical meeting will be March 4, 2004 and the topic will be on sunspots and their effect on propagation.

Old business:

  1. It was decided that Chuck, KC5EZS would buy the crossband repeater radio ASAP which the club had approved last year. Chuck will contact Dave Downing,WD5G for his recommendations. - OPEN
  2. The ARRL study book "Now Your Talking" for the entry level ham license was presented to the Choctaw Fire Chief by John Thomason, WB5SYT, ARRL Oklahoma Section Manager. - CLOSED
  3. Also, the Choctaw Library was presented with over $200 worth of ARRL publications by our club, bought with money collected at club events over the pass two years. - CLOSED

New business:

  1. Club coffee meeting.  We agreed to try a different day and time. It was suggested that we meet on Thursday, March 11, 2004 at Glover's Restaurant in Choctaw, at 7:30 p.m. Of course you can eat there too! - CLOSED
  2. The club approved a "For Sale" section on our web page.  Anyone wishing to sell, swap or give away something just needs to send the information to Chuck, KC5EZS. This is for club members only.  - CLOSED
  3. Field Day is coming up the third weekend in June, so we need to be thinking about how we intend to participate this year. - OPEN
  4. A project proposed by C, W6NNH our club president to raise funds for our club treasury at Ham Holiday is to make up CD's of various antenna project articles to sell. He has about 100 articles to put in now, and asks for all club members to submit any that they may have. The club would buy the blank CD's for him.
  5. Also, a motion was made and approved to have Bill Crossland, N9SQV buy 30 QRZ CD's to sell at Ham Holiday again this year. - CLOSED
  6. The club history book will be on display at our Ham Holiday table as a new member recruitment aid. - CLOSED
  7. Bill Crossland showed us a club cap he had made locally, and suggested that members who want them let him know.  He also said that we could have club jackets made there too.   If your interested give Bill, N9SQV a call. We will pay for these items ourselves. Volume prices were not yet available. - OPEN


  • Bill Crossland is the ARES contact person for Eastern Oklahoma County.
  • We were all invited to attend the Skywarn meeting at the OCAPA meeting place 21 February. Details have been sent previously by e-mail to the members.
  • If you like a club newspaper by U.S. Mail, be sure to sign up for it with the Salvation Army; send an e-mail request, including your name, address, callsign, e-mail address, and phone number to
    (However, in the December issue she said she might start sending the newsletter by e-mail.) Our club has it's logo on the front page of the newsletter, among others.
  • We welcome Jim Glover as a prospective new member. An application will be sent to him.

Meeting adjourned at ___ pm
Respectfully submitted
Bill Williams, Secretary

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