Choctaw Amateur Radio Club (CARC) Regular Monthly Meeting was held on March 17, 2003.  At the First Baptist Church at Nicoma Park. A quorum was met and business conducted as follows.

The Choctaw Amateur Radio Club meeting was called to order by President Don McDown N5ENQ , at 7:03PM. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The secretary recorded members as they arrived.

Sick Reports- Bill K3YC reported that he will have chemo/radiation on his shoulder soon.  Jackie Hazelwood, wife of Chet W5GDL is in hospital. Toby KC5DZJ recuperating from his surgery, Larry K5VVD, He had a heart flare-up, and Ron W5RGT taking care of his dad. Please keep these people in your prayers.



  1. April Business meeting will be back at the Eastern
    Oklahoma County Vo-Tech, Oak Room
    at 7pm.
  2. Club Equipment- Don N5ENQ is still working on the list.
  3. Committee report on purchase of HF-Tabled
  4. Name Tags- on hold. Chuck is still working on them.
  5. Field Day plans- On hold


  1. National Memorial Marathon is in need of radio operators. This will be on April 27th. Contact OCAPA.
  2. The Oklahoma QSO Party is weekend of March 22-23
  3. The ARRL CD Amateur Radio Today is a club copy and can be borrowed. Good idea to get others interested in Ham Radio. 
  4. Rt. 66 Special Event- Motion was made and seconded to offer the Rt 66 Special Event to the OCAPA Club if they want it. CARC members could help with it.


Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Holzman KB5VJR
CARC Secretary

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