The meeting opened at 7 p.m. The president and the secretary and nine other members were present. Chuck and Walt were out of town. Duane Angles and Dave Downing had work shift interference. Both Ron and Larry had church meetings. We welcomed our two guests, Bob Malone ( no callsign) and Jim Glover WB5UDE.


Sick report: Norm is home recuperating and seems to be doing well.


Secretary's report: The March business meeting minutes are posted on our web site. Members present approved them without change.


Treasurer's report: Larry will present this report in May or June. It is required four times a year.


CORA report: Bill Crossland said all is in order for Ham Holiday.


Next technical meeting (first Thursday): At this writing, planned subjects are:

a. Simple Kit Building By Don Kelly K5UOS*** Possible 

b. APRS by Dave Downing

c. Anderson Power Poles by Don McDown.

Don, Chuck, and C. already use these Anderson connectors and we may have more members who do. Don said West Mountain Radio seems to be a reasonably priced source, especially if we decide to buy in a large quantity for the members.


Old business: Transport box for our cross-band repeat transceiver--Don McDown brought with him a nice plastic box of dark color that used to have a vacuum cleaner in it and we discussed how it might be adapted to our use. Chuck, Ron, and I have now had our turns with the radio, and Don took it tonight. My only advice was that you set both sides for cross-band-repeat, and when you get it right, there will not be a "main" flag showing on either side. A few little details like that are not in the manual, and they would be helpful for beginners.


New business:

Web site: Chuck would like to have help with the job of maintaining the web site. There were no takers, but some of the absent members will be asked.


Field Day invitations: Jim Glover invited us to join MORI for Field Day. OCAPA is doing Field Day in Midwest City, and some of us are members of that club too.


Our Field Day: CARC voted to do Field Day separately, and to do only Saturday, with a meal Saturday evening. C. has most of our antennas stored at his house and will need help transporting them to the site. Don McDown said he will bring the soft drinks.


Our new Emergency Coordinator: Bill Crossland volunteered to be our Emergency Coordinator. We will put together for him a list of members who could be available during emergencies. Also, a list will be collected showing the communications capabilities of each member. The latter will be useful for emergency reference and for Field Day.


Worth repeating: C. recommends the "for sale" list on our web site. He sold two pieces of equipment in a short time after they were posted.


The meeting was closed at 8 p.m.

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