Choctaw Amateur Radio Club (CARC) Regular Monthly Meeting was held on April 21, 2003.  At the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center. A quorum was met and business conducted as follows.
The Choctaw Amateur Radio Club meeting was called to order by President Don McDown  N5ENQ, at 7PM. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The secretary recorded the members as they arrived.
Presidents Opening Comments  included the sick reports. Please keep Bill K3YC and Jackie, xyl of Chet W5GDL, in your thoughts and prayers. Bill is going thru chemo, and Jackie is back in the hospital at this time.
  1. Secretarys Report-Secretary reported that she received an email about the spelling of baluns. The minutes were corrected on the web page. (Secretary would like to say that the spell checker is still stating that baluns is still spelled wrong. What does it know.)   Motion was made and seconded that the minutes be approved as posted on the web page.
  2. Treasurers Report was accepted as read.
  3. CORA- Ham Holiday is progressing pretty good. Ham Holiday forms are on the CORA web site, print the form, fill in and send the bottom part for your registration. Dont forget, Ham Holiday is July 18-19, 2003. The club needs another representative to attend the meetings. Dave N3CI volunteered. Don N5ENQ will remain as alternate.
  4. Technical Report- Discussion followed on the tower and repeater.
  5. Choctaw Emergency Management- Still waiting for the City of Choctaw. Committee hasnt had a chance to get with Nicoma Park yet to see if they would like the CARC to locate the storm cellars for them.
  6. Technical Meeting program suggestions- May 1 will be the coax man,  Ron W5RGT will go thru how to read schematics on June 5th. Other suggestions were logging programs, and Tiny Track III .
  7. Monthly Coffee- The first Saturday of the month at Roosters, 9:15am until otherwise stated.
  1. HF- No report
  2. Club name tags- no report
  3. Field Day- Don N5ENQ will send out an email, asking members if they want to participate in Field Day this year, and if they would like just a Saturday Field Day, or if someone will spend the night, have the full 24 hours. If it was a Saturday Field Day only, we would have the picnic at the same time it is usually held.
  4. National Memorial Marathon- Bill N9SQV reported that it was covered. Chuck KC5EZS and Bill N9SQV will be helping.
  5. Club copy of Amateur Radio Today is available to borrow, either for your viewing or to show someone else.  A suggestion was to put a copy of this CD in the Choctaw  library when we get the books for it.
  1. The Technical meeting will be on May 1, the Coax man will be talking about coax, baluns and power connectors.
  2. The club can have a club table at Ham Holiday. All proceeds go to the club. People are needed to man/woman the table.  A suggestion was made to buy some QRZ Disks to sell at the table. Motion was made and seconded to buy 30 to sell. Also needed on the table is flyers about the club, and items (good quality) to sell for the club treasury.
  3. Ron-W5RGT reminded the members that there was a tower sitting around doing nothing. Motion was made and seconded to sell the tower sections. $40. a section for members, whatever hasnt sold by Ham Holiday, sell it on the club table for $50. a section. Passed.
  4. C-W6NNH told about a club auction, and how well it did.
  5. Dave WD5G suggested we buy an APC UPS unit to protect the controller for the repeater. Motion was made and seconded that Dave spend under $100. for one.
  6. Bill N9SQV said that the CORA insurance program has lapsed, it is being redone and should cost less that $100. a year for a liability policy.
  7. A discussion followed on Rt. 66. Although there is some interest, no one wanted to be in charge.
Meeting adjourned at 8:26PM
Respectfully submitted
Kay Holzman  KB5VJR
Secretary CARC

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