Meeting minutes for May 16, 2005
Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM with the Pledge

President made opening comments

Roll call with introductions

No sick reports made.


Secretary's report of the April minutes made by Richard KA5ALO with motion to
approve by Bob Malone KE5CES/2nd by Bill Crossland N9SQV.  Passed.

Tresurer's Report made by Larry Brewer K5VVD.  Report covered time from March 22
untill April 16.  Report is always available for review by members.

CORA report made by Bill Crossland N9SQV basically dealing with Ham Holiday.
Don McDown N5ENQ made a motion for the club volunteer for clean up duties at
H.H.  Passed by vote of members present.

No Technical report

Next Tech meeting to be held at Choctaw Creek Park on Harper on June 2, 2005.
Tech meeting programs for the next 4 months sought volunteers.  N9SQV said he
would do a program on Traffic passing.  KA5ALO will do a program on building a
2 element 3 band home made Mini Quad antenna.
N5ENQ will do a Power Point presentation and W6NNH will check the availability
of one other person for a program.


June meeting will be at Choctaw Creek Park on June 20 just prior to Field Day.
NOTE: Be sure to listen to repeater announcements as I may have gotten this
information incorrect.

FIELD DAY  Randy has done a great job with the organization of F.D.  We will be
operating 2 or 3 transmitters this year.  SSB/CW/and possibly PSK plus the
Clubs Cross Band repeater will be there and in use.  Randy is supplying the
hamburgers/grill while Don M is providing the drinks.  Everything else should
be brougt by eas individual as per Chips, Veggies, Sweet stuff and anything
else such as lawn chairs etc.

APRS Building Event went over nicely.  TNX to Mike KD5TLM (PS, I finally got
mine up and running-Richard)

Club Equipment.  Still needing to update club equipment list.  If you have
anything, be sure it is listed with Dave or any of the club officers.  TNX

Saturday Net.  The E.O.C. net at 9:00AM each Sat. morning is still up and going
although the check ins have been slow the last few weeks.  If you have any
suggestions for the net or its implementation, be sure to let us know.

Ham Holiday club table of CARC was discussed also but no consensous was made

CARC Emergency Coordinator:  Bill Crossland N9SQV has stepped down from that
position temporarily due to time constraints.  He made the recommendation the
Richard KA5ALO step in to cover that at least for a while.  Thank you Bill for
the FB job you did as the Club Emerg. Coordinator.

Submitted by Richard KA5ALO-CARC Secretary
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