Minutes of the business meeting of the Choctaw Amateur Radio Club 17 May 2004
1. Call to order:  7 p.m. at the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center
2. Pledge of Allegiance.
A quorum was met, with 15 members present.
4. President's opening comments:  Our list of personal equipment is still open. You should have received a form from C. to fill out and return by e-mail. Send your e-mail reports to Bill Crossland,
n9sqv@aol.com, with copy to Bill Williams, wf.williams@juno.com, and C. Weilbrenner, w6nnh@amsat.org.
5. Introductions were made by callsign and name. We welcomed visitors:  Randy Glenn, who is studying for his license, and Jim Glover, WB5UDE.
6. Sick report:  Chet Hazelwood is having knee replacement at the Bone and Joint Hospital.
7. Business reports

Old business:  GPS location of storm shelters -- ­We now have 210 done in Choctaw. Another list of 12 or more is in preparation by the fire department. In Nicoma Park, all that registered are done, about 80. Don McDown said some corrections may be needed. Jones does not have a list ready yet.
New business:

  1. ARRL Field Day­ -- Help C. load club antennas stored at his house on Saturday morning, June 26. Mike McFarland will be there with his trailer, according to Duane. Don McDown has already bought the soft drinks. Chuck will make sure we have rotisserie chicken and that it is already off the bone, and the rest of us should bring a side dish or two with enough to feed ten people. Radios so far will be the club's new VHF/UHF transceiver, and others from Don McDown, Norm, Duane, Dave D., and C. We plan to use 5 watts to hold down interference between our stations. Don McDown has printed the Field Day package from ARRL and he also has some left over pens and pads from previous operations.
  2. Don McDown and maybe others are investigating the price for large orders of Anderson Powerpole connectors.
  3. The committee on the club constitution met in March and has worked out details for the new anniversary date for membership renewals, the definition of a new member, and new member cost to join at other than the standard anniversary date, among other things. Chuck read the details to us and Bill Tarkington made a motion to accept them. The motion was seconded by Don McDown and the vote carried. The revisions will be posted on our web site.
  4. Choctaw ARC was recently praised by the Chief of the Choctaw Fire Department for our cooperation with the department. He says he is ready to take his amateur radio test so he can operate the VHF radio, donated by Bill Tarkington, that the club wants to install in his command vehicle. A motion was made by Chuck to go ahead and install the radio now. It was seconded and the vote carried.
  5. Also, a motion was made by Chuck, seconded, and voted to draw up a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the city of Choctaw so both the club and the city will know their responsibilities for our cooperation. Chuck made a motion which was seconded and was passed by vote to establish a committee to do the MOA. Walt Diehl, Chuck, and Bill Crossland volunteered to be the committee.
  6. We expect the city to pay for the Chief's VE test, but in case they won't, a motion was made by Bill Tarkington for the club to pay the $10. It was seconded and the vote carried.
First Saturday coffee:  Roosters Cafe at Jones, 9 a.m.

Motion to adjourn; adjourned:  8:45 p.m.

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