Choctaw Amateur Radio Club - MEETING MINUTES 20 MAY 2002
CALL TO ORDER: President Chuck Kanach/KC5EZS, at 7:09 PM called to order the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the CARC, 20 May 02, at the Eastern Oklahoma County Vo-Tech. A quorum was met and business conducted as follows:
Pledge of Allegiance - Dispensed with for lack of a flag in the room.
Roll Call - Seventeen persons were in attendance including one visitor/(now our newest member), Bill Klebes/WA8EFC, an old friend of Chuck/KC5EZS.
Net Control was Don McDown/N5ENQ, and no check ins were initially noted. However, two persons eventually checked in, these being N6AQP in Owasso, OK and KC5DDS, an " out of gas motorist" earlier assisted by one of our members by radio.
Secretarys Report - In the absence of Secretary, Kay Holzman/KB5VJR, the President noted that the April Minutes were posted to the Club Web site for reading, and requested any changes thereto, if any. None were noted, and Minutes were approved as posted by vote.
Treasurers Report - Given and approved as read. Bill/K3YC noted that past member Carl Jennings indicated he would re-join if we reminded him by some means.
CORA Report - Scheduled CORA meeting was attended by all Club designated members who reported most business was related to final preparations for Ham Holiday. However, it was reported that CORA is considering sponsorship of the OKC Trader, on air swap meet provided enough membership clubs will commit to hosting same on a rotating monthly basis.
Tower Report - Chuck/KC5EZS reported that Bill/N9SQV had successfully produced and delivered to Don/KB5KWV the needed Drawings for further action to meet OKC requirements relative to the repeater site.
Sick Report - Chuck/KC5EZS reported that well known local HAM and CORA participant Mark Hamblin/WL7FT was recovering from a heart attack incurred and treated while attending the Dayton Hamfest. He further advised Jackie Hazelwood was improving and now at home.
GPS Foxhunt - Dave/WD5G reported no action. Will further contemplate the matter.
-Chuck/KC5EZS advised of his impending absence at the 6 June 02 Tech meeting due to a planned vacation trip
-Chuck/KC5EZS requested that members keep both he and Larry/K5VVD advised of any changes in address, phone number, email address and ARRL membership status. He also reminded all present that renewal of ARRL membership via the CARC provides a monetary return to the Club.
  1. Field Day - Discussed and tabled until next meeting. Few members would commit to participation and many will be out of town on that weekend. Don/N5ENQ suggested that those members interested in field day participation join with and supplement OCAPA if CARC ultimately declines participation for this year.
  2. Route 66 - Bill/N9SQV, having assumed responsibility for this event, is absent. Tabled until next meeting.
  1. June Coffee - Consensus agreement this event will be held 15 June 02 at Roosters in Jones.
  2. Technical Meeting - Neither Chuck/KC5EZS nor Larry/K5VVD will be able to attend. Kevin Porter/KD5NQR volunteered to do a presentation. Bill/K3YC will lead the meeting and bring the coffee makings. Ken/K5DNL to bring cookies.
  3. OKC Trader On Air Swap Meet- Related issues and requirements discussed including estimated 30 minutes to one hour time involved per Saturday to host. MOTION made and carried ) with one NO vote) for the CARC to support CORA in this effort provided other clubs also commit to it as well.
  4. ARLB029 LANDMARK BILL - Bill/N9SQV via Chuck/KC5EZS urged the membership to contact their Congressmen requesting their support of this proposed Federal legislation addressing Home Ownership Associations activities restricting HAM radio antennas.
  5. Ron/W5RGT advised members of the need to add additional sections to the repeater tower by end of July 02. No discussion.
Submitted By
Bill Tarkington/K3YC, acting for Secretary Kay Holzman/KB5VJR
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