Choctaw Amateur Radio Club (CARC) Regular Monthly Meeting was held on July 21, 2003. At the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center. A quorum was met and business conducted as follows.

The Choctaw Amateur Radio club meeting was called to order by President Don McDown N5ENQ, at 7:04 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The secretary recorded 12 members and 6 guests. Four of the guests joined the club while the meeting was in progress. The new members are: James Devlin KK5PT, Dean Metzgar KI4GW, Ted Stevens KD5VJQ, and Micheal Kimbro KD5TLM. The other guests were John Thomason WB5SYT and Alton Gardner KD5KVO.

Presidents opening comments: President Don N5ENQ introduced Alton Gardner who is the Divisional Disaster Director for the Salvation Army Arkansas-Oklahoma Division, and John Thomason WB5SYT, ARRL Oklahoma Section Manager. He also will bring the Field Day report to the next meeting.

Sick Report- Prayers for these members and family: Bill K3YC, he is seeing visitors, good idea to call first. Marilyn wife of OJ WB5SRX is recuperating from a staph infection in her knee, and Peggy wife of Bill K5URM is doing better.

President Don N5ENQ introduced Alton KD5KVO who was giving a slide presentation of his time in Iraq. It was a very interesting and informative program. He answered questions after the slides.


Secretarys Report- The secretary reported that Susan Fixico, a member of the Choctaw Library Guild had donated $10. to the club, for our work in locating the storm shelters. It was put in the Library Radio Book Fund. A thank you note was sent to her. The minutes for the June meeting were approved as written.

Treasurers Report was given and accepted.

Technical Report- Echo link is doing well, and the repeater is doing good.

Storm Shelters- Nicoma Park is ready. Don N5ENQ will be trying to get a group started.

Technical Meeting will be held on August 7th on Cross band repeat with Dave WD5G.

September Technical Meeting will be with Ron W5RGT on Schematics and how to read them.
The monthly Coffee will be held on August 2nd at 9:15 at Roosters in Jones. The meeting
place can be changed whenever someone can find a different place.


HF and 2 M radios- put on hold.

Ham Holiday- The table at Ham Holiday did well, with the donated equipment and QRZ disks.


Bill N9SQV reported that he is the Emergency Coordinator for Eastern Oklahoma County. He will be going to training, and may rely on some of CARC members to help him.

September Swap Meet- Motion was made to cancel the September Swap Meet. It was seconded. Much discussion followed.  The motion passed.  A suggestion was made to be on the lookout for a place to have a swap meet so that we could have tailgating.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm
Respectfully submitted
Kay Holzman KB5VJR
CARC Secretary


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