Choctaw Amateur Radio Club (CARC) Regular Monthly Meeting was held on Sept. 16, 2002. At the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center (formerly referred to as the Vo-Tech). A quorum was met and business conducted as follows.

The Choctaw Amateur Radio Club meeting was called to order by President Chuck Kanach KC5EZS, at 7:00 PM and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The secretary recorded 12 members, with guests C. Weilbrenner W6NNH, and Bob Adkinson KB5OE. They were welcomed.

Net control for the meeting was Bill K3YC. There were 3 checkins.

Sick Report - Helen Wolfe, wife of Oris WA5EAB, had cataract surgery. Marilyn Watkins, wife of OJ WB5SRX, will have knee surgery on Oct 1.


  1. Secretary's Report - Because there wasn't a quorum for August, there were no minutes to approve. The July minutes were approved as published on the web site.

  2. Treasurer's Report for July and August were read and accepted.

  3. CORA - Chuck KC5EZS was elected as president of CORA. Bill K3YC was elected as the CORA secretary.

  4. Tower - A new door was installed on the repeater building.

  5. Choctaw Emergency Management - This is still in progress and waiting on Choctaw City action.

Presidents Comments - The President had fliers for the DX Banquet and asked those who wanted to go, to take a form. He also reminded the membership of the Texoma Ham Fest on Oct. 26-27 and the Enid Ham Fest on Nov. 2nd.

Old Business:
  1. Route 66 - Bill Crossland N9SQV reported that the Route 66 Special Events station had 14 operators at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. He reported 1,066 contacts. The contacts made in the evening were not available yet.

  2. Swap Meet - 21 tables were sold at the last swap meet. The Oklahoma DX Association stated that they would be willing to split the cost of renting the MWC Community Center when we have our next swap meeting. Members might want to think about raising the price of the tables. We could offer the sellers free coffee. Club members got free coffee at the swap meeting. We need to decide on the swap meeting rates for 2003 and get the room reserved as soon as possible.

  3. Club Insurance - Tabled. Don, N5ENQ will check to see if being incorporated would cover our club liability. He would also check on how to assign new directors.

  4. Choctaw Library - The members voted to raise the money for the ARRL Library Radio Books ($200). There will be a bank available at all future club events for additional donations instead of taking funds out of the club treasury. It will be at least a year before the library is open. $26 was collected at this meeting and will be kept separate from our treasury.
New Business:
  1. The Technical meeting will be held on Oct 3rd, at the Technology Center.

  2. The Saturday morning Coffee will be this coming October 12th at 9:15 AM at Roosters, in Jones, OK.

  3. The club president recommend that Duane Angles, KA5WRG be voted an honorary club members for one year (2003) with voting privileges because of his financial support of the club Web page. A motion was made, seconded and passed.

  4. A 1000 watt amplifier was donated to the club by Carl Lesley's son Paul, a thank you card will be sent. The club decided to offer it to any club member for $300 or best offer. After 30 days if not sold it will be auctioned off at .

  5. A thank you card will be sent to Computronics for donating the Choctaw Club stamp. Kay KB5VJR will have the stamp if anyone needs it.

  6. Bill N9SQV and Don N5ENQ volunteered to replace Chuck, KC5EZS and Bill, K3YC as our club representatives for the remainder of this calendar year. The two being replaced were elected as CORA club officers and will continue to represent the Choctaw club.

  7. The November business Technical meetings will probably be in a different place. The Oak room is already booked. Chuck KC5EZS will inform the members where the meetings will be held.

  8. Echo Link - There are some areas that need to be addressed before Dave's equipment can be linked to our repeater. Dave WD5G, Duane KA5WRG, Ron W5rgt and Don K5KWV will work on it to make it happen.

  9. A motion was made to put a PL tone on our club repeater to stop the current interference under the following conditions: (1) all club members will be notified and have a chance to vote on it at the next business meeting Oct 21, 2002. (2) that the cost does not exceed $100 to make it operational.  The tone frequency will be made available so that the repeater stays an open repeater and available to all licensed hams. It was seconded and passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 PM

Respectfully Submitted
Kay Holzman KB5VJR
CARC Secretary


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