Choctaw Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting Minutes, September 20th, 2004

1. Called to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Oak Room of Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center, Choctaw OK. Mike Kimbro acted as net control on our 2-meter repeater, to let any members who could not be present participate by way of radio.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. President C. Weilbrenner said that the Amateur Radio Appreciation Day in the parking lot of Williams Market in Choctaw Plaza was successful in promoting fellowship but did not arouse much curiosity in the public. Five club members were there from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., and one other member stayed about an hour, with his spouse. C. said that we may need to find a better place, such as a park where people are in their leisure time, to display next year. The canopy that the club bought for special events as well as Field Day proved to be large enough and very sturdy. Bill Crossland suggested that a "Thank You" card be delivered to the manager of Williams Market, thanking him for the use of his parking lot for the Amateur Radio Appreciation Day. Update: This was done by the secretary on 26 September.

4. Introductions and a list of attendees yielded two officers, ten other members, and one guest, Carrie Pearson, wife of new member Michael Pearson, KD5ZUS. We welcomed both.

5. Sick report--O. J. Watkins is recovering from heart surgery. Update 28 September: He has felt well enough to check in on the Doublers Net, 7.278 MHz at 7:30 a.m. a couple of times, but says it will still be at least three or four more weeks before he can drive a car.

6. Business reports:

a. Secretary's report--The minutes of the 16 August business meeting were read by the secretary. The motion to approve was made by Bill Crossland, seconded by Bill Tarkington, and the vote carried.

b. Treasurer's report--The treasurer could not attend, so his report was read by the secretary. Our finances are still in good shape. A copy of the report will be filed with the minutes.

c. CORA report--none.

d. Technical report--none.

e. First Thursday Technical Meeting 7 October agenda--Dave Downing will present a program on emergency operations, including running our emergency recall net. Update: Dave changed the subject to antennas, and did a good job presenting it on October 7.

7. Old business:

a. The Memorandum of Understanding between our club and the city of Choctaw has been given to the Choctaw Fire Chief.

b. Web page--Michael Pearson has been studying its construction and is now accepting minutes to be posted. Thanks, Michael.

c. Emergency recall list (Choctaw ARC Activation Roster)--Bill Crossland gave out a revised copy dated 20 September 2004 and said it will be used to conduct a test recall, with net activation, soon. A copy of the list is filed with these minutes.

8. New business:

a. There was a discussion about starting an information and training net on 2 meters. This is something Randy Glenn is very interested in, and he volunteered to start one.

b. A nominating committee made up of Randy Glenn (Chairman), Richard Edwards, and Bill Tarkington will search for candidates for new officers for the coming year. We will leave Emergency Operations Coordinator (Bill Crossland) as an appointed position.

c. Preliminary discussion was held about our Christmas Dinner meeting. We have Golden Corral and Spencer's Barbecue as location suggestions. We will continue the discussion at future meetings, including the technical meeting on October 7, so be thinking about it.

9. Miscellaneous--Bill Tarkington told us about his difficulties in getting permission to erect antennas at his new home because of community covenant restrictions. He found that the developer of the homes knew more about the restrictions than did the homeowners. Because there are no hams among the rest of the homeowners, much explaining of his intentions was necessary. After much legal work and some homeowners meetings in which he answered questions and made promises about the way any RF interference will be handled, Bill has permission to erect a tower but not a very tall one. If you run into problems where you live, Bill can give you some pointers.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m., with Bill Crossland making the motion, Walt Diehl seconding, and a unanimous vote.

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