17 October 2005, 7 PM
Choctaw ARC regular meeting Eastern Oklahoma County VO-TECH

The meeting opened at 7:00pm-No pledge (no flag in room) with 19 members present.  We had no visitors at this meeting.

Sick Report:  No one was reported as sick this month.

Business Reports:

Secretary Report:  Report read by Richard KA5ALO with motion by Bill N9SQV and 2nd by Don N5ENQ to approve as read.  Passed-Closed.

Treasurer Report:  Read by Larry K5VVD.

CORA Report:  Bill N9SQV with Richard KA5ALO gave the CORA Report from the last CORA meeting.

Tech. Report:  General information given on the repeater.

Future Tech Meetings:  Next Tech meeting is set for November 3, 2005 at the Vo-Tech.  7:00pm.  Subject to be message handling by Bill N9SQV and Larry K5VVD.  Did you find yourself not able to help pass traffic during the last Hurricanes?   If so, then here is a chance to learn how to do it properly. This is not one to miss.

Old Business:

  1. Including the annual Christmas Party to be held at Pelicans in Midwest City at 5:00pm on December 17, 2005.  We will be looking forward to that.
  2. ELECTIONS:  The nominating committee came up with a slate of candidates for this year consisting of:

    President: Mike Kimbro KD5TLM
    Vice President:  Bill Crossland N9SQV
    Secretary:  Richard Edwards KA5ALO
    Treasurer:  Larry Brewer K5VVD

    With no opposition, the slate was passed as shown.  We feel like the officers have a busy year ahead as the previous years officers have had also.

  3. Incidentals:  Larry K5VVD mentioned a software program that will open Microsoft Office documents for the benefit of some of us that are not able to do so.  It is called OPEN OFFICE and is available free from OpenOffice.org

  4. Don N5ENQ talked a little about the work of the Baptist Disaster Relief work.

  5. Richard KA5ALO gave a short report on the Saturday morning net.  We continue to have either low checkins or overwhelming checkins each Saturday morning at 9:00am.  An example is the net for 24 September, which netted only one check in. What was unusual about this lone check in was that if came over the Echo Link connection and it was Leo, a ham in the Netherlands.  We get that from time to time, so come on out to spread the interest about our Service (Ham Radio).

Close of Meeting:  Motion made by Mike KD5TLM with 2nd by Norm W5FLO to adjourn meeting.  Passed and closed at 7:45 pm

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