1. Call to order: 7:03 p.m.

2. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America: Was said, facing our flag, hands over hearts.

3. President's opening comments: President Don McDown, N5ENQ, welcomed all attendees and introduced our guest, Tom Webb.

4. Roll Call: Around-the-room introductions were made and a sign-in sheet was passed around. There were no 2-meter net check-ins. Thirteen members and one guest were recorded.

5. Sick Report: Kay Holzman, KB5VJR, sent word that her grandbaby is still in ICU. She was born premature. Bill Tarkington, K3YC, sent word that his cancer is in remission and he hopes to begin coming to meetings again soon.

6. Guest: Our guest Tom Webb, W9AFM, was recently appointed ARRL Assistant Section Manager in Oklahoma. He spoke to us about the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon coming up in April 2004 and the need for volunteer operators to help keep this one of the best organized marathons in the nation. Besides giving your name to Tom, you will need to sign up online also. Contact Tom about how to do this. He needs recruits now. Already 1000 runners have signed up, and 6000 are expected. A special event HF station and an APRS demonstration are in the plans. The run starts at the Oklahoma Memorial to those who died in the Murrah Building bombing. Tom also encouraged us to participate in ARRL's "Big Project", the Amateur Radio Education and Technology Program. This is a program to bring Amateur Radio to schools and other groups in classroom format for integration of math, science, writing and speaking, geography, technology, and social responsibility within a global society.

7. Reports:

a. Secretary -- Kay Holzman, WB5VJR, is in Arizona with her daughter. The minutes of the October business meeting have been posted to the web site and the members present voted to accept them as written.

b. Treasurer -- Larry Brewer, K5VVD, gave his report and a copy of it was made part of our history records.

c. CORA -- CORA has voted to give support money to the ARRL fight against Broadband Over Powerline (BPL). A flyer for the 2004 Ham Holiday will be produced and mailed. There will be no meeting in December. The next meeting will be at the Salvation Army Headquarters in January 2004.

d. Technical -- Our repeater trustee Ron Earnest, W5RGT, and his committee reported that the signal strength survey and mapping they made recently did not show that our repeater should cause any interference with the Claremore repeater on the same frequency. As you know, to mitigate any possible interference in cases of improvement of propagation in that direction by atmospheric conditions, we use a tone of 141.3 Hz. Our official Certificate of Coordination from the Oklahoma Repeater Society (ORSI), in envelope postmarked 1 November 2003, was brought in by Ron to be filed with our history. The receipt of this certificate with no further comment about interference was taken to indicate that a recent complaint has been dealt with by ORSI and we have no problem with our repeater.

e. Storm shelter project -- Our storm shelter lat/long recording project is still active, with Choctaw completed and some still to do in Nicoma Park. Jones is preparing a list of theirs. Names of volunteer workers were taken by Don McDown for Nicoma Park.

f. Technical meeting -- Our next technical meeting is planned for January 8. Larry Brewer, K5VVD, volunteered to give a short presentation on Marconi's station, which he visited while out in the northeast. Bill Crossland, N9SQV, said he can show the ARRL video on BPL interference with ham radio again. A few members did not get to see it the first time. And we need to do some brainstorming on generating interest in ham radio, especially among the youth in our area.

g. Our next Saturday Coffee will be at 9:15 a.m. at the Choctaw Restaurant which is on NE23rd, east of the Texaco station at Henney Road.

8. Old business:

a. Purchase of a 2-meter radio for the club -- no report.

b. Old tower sale -- There is one section left of the old repeater tower for sale. Members or non-members may purchase it.

c. December business meeting -- This will be our Christmas Banquet and it is still planned for Spencer's Barbeque on December 15th. Don McDown is still needing signups so he can let the restaurant know how many are coming. Don't forget to bring nonperishable food items and paper goods for the Mid-Del Food Pantry as we did last year. Also, they always need various sizes of empty paper bags. Bill, N9SQV, will be loading his pickup to deliver what we bring.

9. New business:

a. New officers -- The following people were contacted by the nominating committee and they agreed to serve in 2004. All were elected by the members.
President - C. Weilbrenner, W6NNH
Vice President - Dave Edger, N3CI
Secretary - Bill Williams, K5JVD
Treasurer - Larry Brewer, K5VVD (reelected)

b. Other --

(1) A motion made by Bill Crossland carried and we voted to donate $100 from our treasury to ARRL to fight BPL.

(2) We need more ARRL Volunteer Examiners. Now and then some members of the group are out of town or otherwise unavailable, so a larger pool of examiners would be helpful. We still give the exams by appointment only.

(3) Further discussion about creating interest in amateur radio and how we use computers with it produced some ideas for the new administration to work on. We're all for it, but we realize that getting it organized and done will take some work.

(4) More publicity for the club is needed to attract new members. Let us know if you have any special contacts with the media.

10. A motion to adjourn was seconded and the vote carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m. The overtime showed that we enjoyed the meeting. Some of the members planned to stop off at Braum's for refreshments. Tailgate discussions in the parking lot delayed some of us but we enjoy gabbing, especially about radios and antennas.

Submitted by Bill Williams, Secretary-elect.

P.S. Club rosters prepared by Larry Brewer are available from Larry or Bill Williams at this time. If you need one, let us know.

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