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TECH MEETING - 2 December, 2004

Mike Pearson KD5ZUS made a presentation on OK fIRST and specifically navigation and use of WeatherScope ver 1.2 a free program for interested parties in tracking weather in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Mikes perspective is from the more professional, technical side but presented in a way that is conducive to teaching the neophyte.

If you are at all interested in the weather, Mike put together the nots and bolts of how to go about collecting the various pieces and putting them together in a coherent fashion. I personally learned many things about the weather and also about computing. To use WeatherScope 1.2, you will need at least Win2000 (95 and 98, as I have just simply will not cut it) If you can run this short free program then you may be in for some surprises in respect to it capabilities and also to the various ways that you can put it to use.

If you are interested in checking out this weather asset, Mike has provided some direct links and other information on the Choctaw club Web Site. Try it out. It won't cost you anything except a little time and you may see a use of your own.

Minutes of the December 18 Regular meeting:

Annual Holiday Bash

The Choctaw Amatuer Radio Club held its Christmas dinner at Spencers BBQ on December 18, 2004 at 5:00pm. The food was delicious as always.

We counted 35 attendees this year which is a pretty good turn out for the club. Notable were some guests; Lucien Jones - KD5LPV OK State ARES Coordinator, John Thomason, WB5SYT, ARRL SECTION MANAGER, and Jimmy D Richardson, N5OHL Affiliated Club Coordinator.

No business was conducted although Larry K5VVD did collect some dues and Bill N9SQV took up the items for the annual food pantry collections.

It seemed to me that everyone had a good time getting to talk to all and without the benefit of a radio. What a surprise. There were a few comments about some of the strange looking protrusions on many of the vehicles in the parking lot though.

We are looking forward to another year as an active club and hope that we can present some new and exciting radio activities - not to be confused with damaging radiation though.

Richard KA5ALO Sec. Choctaw ARC