Choctaw Amateur Radio Club (CARC) Regular Monthly Meeting was held December 15, 2003. At Spencers BBQ Restaurant on NE 23rd and Post Rd. Before the meeting, all indulged in some good food. Spouses and friends were invited.

A quorum was met and business conducted as follows: The meeting was called to order by President Don McDown N5ENQ at 7:15 pm..

President Don N5ENQ introduced the new officers for the club.

C. W6NNH President for 2004
Dave N3CI Vice President for 2004
Bill K5JVD Secretary for 2004
Larry K5VVD Treasurer for 2004

Then he introduced John Thomason WB5SYT ARRL Section Manager and Jim Richardson N5OHL Club Coordinator.

John WB5SYT talked to the club members about ARRL and the Public Service CARC is involved in, that we are making a difference, and with our communication through the city. He wished the club a good Holiday season. He then presented Ron W5RGT a plaque from ARRL showing him as the Section Technical Coordinator.

Jim N5OHL Club Coordinator, said that there are 17 affiliated clubs and 6 special service clubs. He would like to see CARC go into the special service area. And the officers could go into the web site and check in on it. Jim had also passed out some tickets to all who were there, and had some gifts. Marilyn Watkins received a 10 dollar gift certificate for Spencers, Don N5ENQ received a box of cookie mix, David NH6SM received an ARRL Lanyard for his call sign, Kay KB5VJR received hot cocoa mix, Cyd K5GLN received a book, and Ron W5RGT received a field resources manual.

Don N5ENQ turned the meeting over to C. W6NNH. Larry K5VVD asked to speak. He had sent out an email, but it was late, and he figured no one had seen it. He was concerned about the fund for the Choctaw Library. Chuck KC5EZS made a motion that the club make up the difference in the fund so that the books can be given when the library opens in February. Motion seconded and carried. Meanwhile the money jar was taken up to Larry, with donations being added to it. Larry added it all together and it went over the top.

Next Technical meeting at the Technology Center(Vo-Tech) will be Jan 8th in the Oak Room.

Business meetings for Jan, Feb, and March will be held at the Nicoma Park First Baptist Church. Go to the gym door.

Chuck mentioned that the CORA representatives need to be elected. Those in that position now, will hold it until new representatives are elected. Meeting is set for January 10th at the Salvation Army on SE 44th St. It was changed to the second Saturday because of the holiday.

Since there was no other business, C. W6NNH adjourned the meeting at 7:35pm.

Respectfully submitted
Kay Holzman, KB5VJR
CARC Secretary

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