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Choctaw Amateur Radio Club - K5CAR

Minutes of Choctaw Amateur Radio Club business meeting 19 July 2004


1. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. in the Oak Room at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center and the Pledge of Allegiance was given while facing our national flag.


2. President's comments

                President C. Weilbrenner said that Chuck, KC5EZS, is quitting the club to devote more time to using his RV. Happy traveling, Chuck!


3. Verbal roll call and sign-in sheet

                There were 14 members present including 3 officers, and 2 visitors. Visitors were Bob Malone who came with Kay Holzman, and Bill Warren, brother-in-law of Ron Earnest.


4. Sick report

                Marilyn Watkins, wife of O.J., WB5SRX, was in the hospital for observation and tests on her heart.


5. Business reports

                Secretary's report: A correction was made tonight to the minutes of the 21 June business meeting: The club voted to sell Anderson Power Pole connectors for $10 per package at Ham Holiday. And that must have been a good decision because Don McDown reported tonight that all he ordered were sold except two held for the club to use.

                Treasurer's report: Larry Brewer read his report for May 18 through July 19, 2004. Even after purchase of a better repeater power supply, purchase of Anderson Power Poles, Field Day expenses, purchase of QRZ Callsign Database disks to sell at Ham Holiday, and purchase of VE test materials, the treasury is still in good shape. A copy of the report was given to the secretary to file.

                Bill Crossland made a motion to sell the rest of the QRZ disks for $10 (a $2 reduction). It was seconded and passed by vote.

                CORA report by Bill Crossland: A Volunteer Examiner test session was held at Ham Holiday. VE's helping were Walt Diehl, Dave Edger, Duane Angles, and Bill Crossland. Six people passed their tests. Attendance at Ham Holiday was down some from last year, but it is believed that this one still paid for itself. The next meeting is August 7 at Spencer's BBQ, NE 23rd and Portland.

                Technical report: Ron Earnest reported that the new cool-running power supply for the repeater has been bought but has not yet been installed. Also, TEXNET leftover equipment is being gathered up to see what we have of value. We miss Silent Key John Mathis, who was an ardent promoter of TEXNET packet radio. Dave Edger, N3CI, said to send him e-mail on any equipment you might be keeping for the club, TEXNET or otherwise, and any that you might want to give to the club, and he will compile the inventory.


6. Old business

                The Memorandum of Understanding with the city of Choctaw is finished and is posted to our web page, Item closed.


7. New business

                President C. Weilbrenner suggested that we have a combined clubs swap meet with the OU Club. They have a large building at Westheimer Airport in Norman that was used for a recent antenna building and discussion session which C. attended. The OU Club will be active again in the fall when school starts. The suggestion was favorably received as an item to look into more seriously then.

                Don McDown showed us a small DC power distribution block that he built with Anderson Power Pole parts, and said that if there is enough interest we might make a quantity buy of the necessary parts.

                There was no vote on either of these items.


8. A motion to adjourn was made by O.J. Watkins, seconded, and passed at 7:45 p.m.